Paid Family Leave Employer News: Final Regulations, Payment Information and Webinars

Paid Family Leave Final Contribution Regulations
Download a copy of the PFL Final Contribution Regulations.Important Information about PFL Payments 







  • ACH Debit via Employer Self Service Portal (ESSP): Electronic payments should be submitted through ESSP.
  • Check payment via Employer Self Service Portal (ESSP): Check payments made through ESSP must accompany the PFL Payment Vouchers that is generated through ESSP and must be mailed to a lockbox for processing.
    • Voucher and check/money order payment to the lockbox address: DC Government Paid Family Leave, PO Box 98269, Washington, DC 20090
  • Manual paper check payment via mail: The PFL-30 forms will not be accepted at our lockbox address however, those forms must be mailed to the DOES headquarters address. The PFL Tax Department will receive PFL- 30 forms that may accompany employer check payments. In these instances, checks are manually logged in for record keeping and then transferred to the safe immediately. Staff will process the PFL-30 form and then forward the checks to the lockbox within 24-48 business hours of office receipt as required by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.
    • PFL30 and PFL payment to the DOES headquarters address: Office of Paid Family Leave, Tax Division, Suite 4300A, 4058 Minnesota Avenue NE, Washington DC 20019
  • All checks must be made payable to “DC Treasurer”
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Business Walks

The Office of Paid Family Leave is committed to meaningful and ongoing community engagement as the program is developed and launched.  A primary goal of our public engagement around the Paid Family Leave program is to increase awareness about the program among local employers in preparation for the beginning of tax collection on July 1, 2019. We are conducting business walks in all 8 wards. Look for us in your community.
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We would like to schedule a time to come to your organization to share more information about the DC Paid Family Leave program with your staff and members, discuss how we are helping employers prepare for the employer tax collection and implementation, and answer any questions you may have. Please fill out this form to request an information session with the Office of Paid Family Leave.

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ACE Committee Meets with VA Senate Finance & House Budget Committee Members to discuss SB 1119

January 16, 2019

On January 15 ACE (Alliance for Construction Excellence) sponsored a dinner meeting in Richmond, VA with members of the Commonwealth of Virginia Senate Finance and House Budget Committee Members. The Department of Labor and Industry Commissioner Ray Davenport and Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax Topics of conversation included mechanic lien rights, prompt pay, worker misclassification (fraud), and (more…)

Governor Northam Signs Executive Order Establishing Interagency Task Force on Worker Misclassification and Payroll Fraud

August 10th, 2018

Commonwealth of Virginia

Office of Governor Ralph S. Northam


Date: August 10, 2018


Office of the Governor

Contact: Ofirah Yheskel



Governor Northam Signs Executive Order Establishing Interagency Task Force on Worker Misclassification and Payroll Fraud

~ Misclassification blocks worker benefits and protections; estimated to cost as much as $28 million a year in state income tax collections ~


RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today signed an Executive Order establishing an interagency task force on worker misclassification and payroll fraud. The misclassification of employees as “independent contractors” undermines businesses that follow the law, deprives the Commonwealth of millions of dollars in tax revenues, and prevents workers from receiving legal protections and benefits.

“Treating Virginia workers fairly is central to building an economy that works for everyone, no matter who you are or where you live,” said Governor Northam. “Every employer in the Commonwealth should be playing by the same rules and this task force will come up with a comprehensive plan to make sure workers aren’t missing out on the protections and benefits they would receive if properly classified.”

A 2012 report of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) found that one-third of audited employers in certain industries misclassify their employees. By failing to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, pay unemployment insurance and payroll taxes, or comply with minimum wage and overtime laws, employers lower their costs as much as 40%, placing other employers at a competitive disadvantage.

The task force will develop and implement a comprehensive plan with measurable goals, including identifying ways to hold companies working on state contracts who commit payroll fraud through misclassification of workers accountable, and identifying ways to deter future inappropriate conduct by recommending enforcement mechanisms.

Secretary of Commerce and Trade Brian Ball will chair the task force. It will include representatives from the Virginia Employment Commission, the Department of General Services, the Department of Labor and Industry, the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, the State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance, the Department of Taxation, the Workers’ Compensation Commission, and the Office of the Attorney General.

The group will develop a work plan by November 1, 2018 and report to the Governor on its progress by August 1, 2019.


The full text of Executive Order Sixteen can be found here.




Testimony from DC Employment Services – Labor & Workforce Development



Full Video


“Testimony related to the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services (DOES) at the DC Council Committee on Labor & Workforce Development’s Budget Oversight Hearing on April 18th


Please note- testimony from Fred Codding and Vic Cornellier can be witnessed at time 2 hour 07 mins – 2 hour 27 mins.  

D.C. ‘Rolled Out the Red Carpet’ for a Company Accused of Wage Fraud

With the building boom unabated, one issue D.C. voters can expect to hear a lot about come election year is jobs. Every public land sale, commercial project, mixed-use development, or residential complex comes with mayoral promises of opportunities for a growing labor force.

But the D.C. Apprenticeship Council’s recent certification of an out-of-state contractor and accusations of wage fraud have prompted an investigation by Attorney General Karl Racine and claims by unions and labor advocates that a bad actor is going unchecked. At-large D.C. Councilmember Elissa Silverman worries that the District isn’t enforcing its own labor laws.